I would like to express my happiness in regards to my immediate upper denture and lower partial. I was absolutely amazed at the pain free treatment I received from Dr. Webber and all the staff at the Smithfield Commuity Dental Center! I would without reservation recommend Community Dental Center to anyone who is considering dentures. I will admit I was nervous and anxious prior to the work, however the results have been amazing! My dentures have changed my self-esteem. I smile at people much more, not afraid to laugh w/out the worry. I feel great! Again, without hesitation, I would recommend the Smithfield Community Dental Center for anything. The staff is outstanding!! I have been to many dentisits in my life and I'm so satisfied with the treatment I received and the professionalism, that I truly found my dental family! And would strongly recommend the same! Bruce J
We had a hard time finding a dentists that accepted medicaid. When we stumbled across them in the phone book and it said they accepted Medicaid, we were elated! I was impressed with how clean the office was... and the staff was friendly. We received fantastic treatment. We love it here! K